Content Charcha

Charcha is Hindi word Charcha = Discussion, Talk, Spotlight, Mention

Here we are before you with Content-CHARCHA, a unique blend of learning and experience in the most informal way. Online content training in the form of charcha.

We have improvised this unconference having the sole motto to gain clarity over the different aspects of technical communication and neighboring profession.

It would be an interactive session wherein the guest participant will give an opening presentation of not more than fifteen minutes, to prevent the CHARCHA from going off direction. Afterward, a doubt and question-answer session will follow.

We will also vote for the topic to be discussed in next CHARCHA. Though the time box for the session is for one hour we can adjust it as per the need of session and with the approval of members.

This is an open event and free for all to let the knowledge flow from every direction, spontaneity will refrain the session from being more like an online class.

Get ready to participate in this initiative, book your spot and experience the experiences the IDF way.

PS: Rules can be broken for the better experience with the agreement of members. This is free and open for all event.

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Contributing documentation to open source projects- Amruta Ranade

 When- 19 May 2018               Where- Online (Comfort of your Home)


Following topics will be covered in the webinar:

  1. What are open source projects?
  2. Why technical writers should consider contributing docs to open source projects?
  3. Things not to do while contributing to open source projects.
  4. Introduction to GitHub
  5. Demo/walkthrough 3 open source projects and how to contribute to them.

About Speaker-

Amruta Ranade is currently working as the Senior Technical Writer at Cockroach Labs, an open-source database company in New York.

You can check out her work at Github

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