Be an IDF Mentor

Information Developers Foundation provides a unique platform to share your knowledge free or paid. Typically this is called instructor led online training. You can launch the course when you want and the way you want.

Share your Knowledge

Deliver Classes Your Way!

*Create your own online, instructor led course

*Get it approved by IDF education committee

*Deliver one or more “standard” courses. No limit.

No Upfront Commitments!

*Schedule and deliver classes as it suits your schedule.
*Start with first class and if you like it, continue at your own pace.
*Choose when to deliver a class and devote only the hours you would like to.

Make Serious Money if you want!

*You want to launch paid or free training your wish.

*For paid training, you need approval and accreditation from IDF. We cannot compromise quality.

*For free class you need to get approved the only syllabus.

Win-Win Income Model!

*Revenue share model
*Your fixed income from the class is guaranteed, even when there’s only 1 participant

IDF Organise Everything!

*Information Developers Foundation will take care of all logistics, payment, marketing, sales, customer support etc.
*All trainers will need is to have training content for the class, in line with the training outline published on the website.

No Investment To Make!

* Information Developers Foundation bears the cost of creating, publishing, promoting and selling the course including any discounts offered.
* Information Developers Foundation bears the cost of training infrastructure and services, dealing with corporate customers, collecting payments etc.

No Fear of extra Income!

* Information Developers Foundation is a non-profit and you can work with non-profit with your current job.

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