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10 minutes of technical writing tips -Rahul Karn

Information Developers Conclave- 2017

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In this video Simmi Srivastava  talks about her experience and view about Augmented Reality and Technical Documentation. What is Augmented Reality? Virtual Reality Vs. Augmented Reality Potential of AR Types of AR AR and Technical Documentation Components of an AR solution Challenges for TW What is Augmented Reality (AR)? Digital overlay of information positioned on a real-world image, viewed using a mobile device. Using AR the real world can be expanded or enhanced through the use of virtual elements. Important Features of AR Combines real and virtual images Both can be seen at the same time Interactive in real-time The virtual content can be interacted with Registered in 3D Virtual objects appear fixed in space Virtual Reality Vs Augmented Reality? Virtual reality is an experience that is entirely simulated- both the view of the “reality” and the objects in it. In Augmented reality, some virtual aspects are mixed into reality to form something different. How Augmented Reality can it be used in user assistant?

In this 10minutes video, we will see really agile means scrum and why both the term is used interchangeably.

I have used Agile manifesto and Scrum guide as a reference.

Agile Software Development is an umbrella term for a set of methods and practices based on the values and principles expressed in the Agile Manifesto.

Scrum, is a subset of Agile.

Scrum is a simple and flexible Agile methodology for software development.

This presentation is just a part of the Certified Agile Technical Communicator Program.

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In this video, Rahul Karn from Information Developers Foundation shares his view about the use of automation in technical writing.
According to Rahul technical communicators should not fear automation and try to automate content creation as much as possible so that writers can focus on more productive work.
In this video, he quotes the example of many publishing houses which is already using bots for automated content creation.
InfoDev also provides training of technical communication “Masters in Information Development” in the training Rahul Karn talk in details about how to identify what you should automate, possibilities to automate API documentation and Release notes.

Technical writing effort estimation in Scrum process.
In this video, Rahul Karn is explaining why we do not estimate the documentation separately. Use of Kanban in the technical documentation.
Use of poker card for estimation.

In the scrum, during planning meeting team give story points to the user story that also includes documentation task. We do not separately estimate it.

In technical writing Information gathering is considered to be a most challenging part and many Information gathering techniques for technical writers are available. In this video I talk about the use of Information radiators like clear user stories, Epics or well written SRS/FRS. Follow basic etiquette of meeting like to be on time, book a quite place. The information gathering meeting should be time boxed, an agenda should be fixed, if possible send questions prior to the meeting. Go well prepared, do your homework, frame your questions properly.

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