Our content is king because we get great member reviews because idf course certificates are industry-recognized

Course Certificates make a great impact on your career—but only if they are issued by an organization trusted by the industry. Information Developers Foundation Course Certificates have continually gained industry relevance since 2012, and we even issue which is verifiable.

We cover the full spectrum of technical, internet and business writing

In the era when we consume information art of information development becomes a multidisciplinary field. Thankfully, we’ve got different courses, from beginner-level to advanced-level, over a wide range of topics (Technical writing, Content writing, business writing, API writing, Blogging etc.). We have so many courses because we know becoming a great designer is a lifelong journey, not the result of a few-weeks or months crash course.

IDF price, dedication, commitment and quality are unbeatable

As the IDF is a non-profit information development education movement, our whole mission is to lower the price of top-quality information development education. We’ve continually lowered prices – while increasing the quality and quantity of our membership benefits – over the past 5 years. That’s why we are able to offer industry-leading education at unbeatable prices.

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